ITS Nazare Hoodie X Style Arc Joni Pant


You may have seen one or two posts mentioning my testing for Itch to Stitch Patterns in the past.

The following Nazare hoodie is also a test project and the opportunity to test came at the perfect moment for me because it has been a couple fo years since my last homewear set and I had been planning a new one for a while. I even had all the necessary materials ready and actually the Style Arc Joni pants were even cut out like about two years ago!

Honestly, I guess I should have opted for a different fabric/different fabrics to showcase the cool colour blocking opportunity of the pattern, but I really felt reluctant to buy new fabric while I have such a big stash at home. But believe it or not, I still could not find two colours that I would want to match. Also, considering that the pants were already cut, I wanted to complete a full matching set, so I went with this extra colourful modal french terry. It is softer and has more stretch in comparison to cotton french terry, I think.

I love the colour/blocking possibilities of the pattern and the twill tape finishing on the neckline and around the zipper. I do feel that I would like to add a drawstring to the hood, though. So maybe next time, since this time around I had to stick to the pattern for testing reasons.

The pattern is on the short side, which I like. In the previous homewear set, where I used an Ottobre pattern for the hoodie, it was too long for my taste. I made my Nazare in size 6 without alterations, and initially thought it is a tad wide at the lower band but by the time of the pattern release the waistband has been narrowed so if you get your own copy, it should work out just perfectly!

For the Joni pants, I decided to use primary fabric for the waistband and not ribbing as suggested. The main reason was that my ribbing was tubular and not wide enough to cut it in one piece and I was too lazy to work around it. I did use ribbing for the cuffs though and I love how perectly the colour matches.

In order to tie the set together, I used the fabric of the hoodie for the pocket of the pants.

I think the whole thing looks refreshingly colourful but due to the seemingly endless winter outside, I had to take the photos indoors.

If you like my hoodie, you are welcome to use my affiliate link to obtain your own pattern as it is 20% off during the first days after release!

Until soon!


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