The Eros Blouse

The famous Italian singer, Eros Ramazzotti (who wouldn´t have heard Cosas de la vida with Tina Turner?) was supposed to perform in Tallinn last night and I was supposed to be there wearing my new blouse, but what happened instead was that the concert was canceled on the day before and I spent the evening at home, ripping off the cuffs of the blouse that I did not like and replacing them with new ones.

Nevertheless, let´s call this blouse the Eros blouse 🙂


It is based on BurdaStyle 4/2011, model 105, but I omitted the front pocket and changed the cuffs because the original ones were too long for my liking, although I liked the idea of the slit. Still, the current ones are simple and look better in my opinion.

The fabric is a forest green poly crepe de chine with black lace print (bought from Helsinki about two years ago) that feels very nice to wear, since it doesn´t get static electricity and doesn´t cling to the body, although at the same time it was not the easiest fabric to sew with, I had to fiddle with it longer than expected before reaching the more or less satisfactory result. I cut the size 38, but I have to remember to pay more attention to the shoulder width next time with Burda, because it is not the first time where the shoulders seem too wide for me. I just forget this mental note each time!

I really like this colour, nearly as much as I like navy! The fabric also needed extra care during cutting because the lace print runs as a repetition of horizontal lines and different pieces neede to be cut out from different places. At first I planned to cut the sleeves out from the plain green part of the fabric, but it wasn´t wide enough so in the end the blouse came out a little busier than initially envisioned.

This is the first time I tried out hidden buttons. I am not sure if I understood the instructions correctly – the notorious brevity of them combined with Greek as this BurdStyle issue is from the time I lived in Athens – but there was not separate placket for the buttons, just the right front piece was supposed to be folded after sewing the buttonholes, so that the buttons are visible only when the shirt is unbuttoned – when buttoned, they are inside the fold.It still looks pretty neat, I think, and was easy to do.

All the seams on the inside are French seams, including the sleeve insertions.The hem is curved, which was not the easiest thing to achieve, given the thin and slippery fabric.

Some close ups:

Hopefully there will be other events where to wear the Eros Blouse, although as a hint I can say that there will be a certain Ludovico garment presented in May 😉






4 responses to “The Eros Blouse”

  1. Ruthie Collins Avatar
    Ruthie Collins

    That’s just gorgeous!

  2. Väga kena pluus! Ja see värv sobib imehästi!

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