Burda Easy Fashion S/S 2012 Dress

I always buy Burda Easy Fashion issues, although the patterns seem to get more and more basic over time. In the last, spring/summer 2012 issue, the 60´s inspired line drew my attention, since I have been wanting to make a simple dress in that style. At the same time I was looking for a tangerine shade fabric to make something, in my case, probably another dress. A good opportunity arose when:

1) I saw this dress in Burda Easy Fashion:

2) found this fabric at a newly opened fabric store in Tartu, giving a generous 40% off on everything:

It is 100% polyester and unfortunately so was the only matching shade of lining I was able to find. But thankfully in the end it feels ok on the skin.

The pattern was simple, but I made things a little more complicated for myself by adding a full lining, the sleeves being an exception. I also omitted the horizontal pleats, since my fabric wasn´t suitable for this. The dress is a tad tight around the chest, which in my case is something really rare. But generally I am happy with the result (not so much with the quality of this photo):

I cut my usual Burda size 38 and sewing this dress was pretty simple and straightforward. The pattern requires a slit and button closing on the back, but I used an invisible zipper, because the former seemed slightly childish and also because I had used the slit and button on the previous dress I made (I will make a post of this at some point). For the hem and sleeves I used a double needle to give a nice finish and a little bit of detail to the otherwise plain dress.

As I was putting the dress on in order to mark the hem, I just slipped into a random pair of shoes, which happened to be my greyish snake print peep toe  Nine West Getwitit wedges and they unexpectedly match the dress very nicely.