More Of Patrones!

My dear friend Liise is visiting Estonia for Christmas and this means goodies for me as well – 3 issues of Patrones!! They are issues No 318, 319 and a special party issue No 21. My favourite of them is the first.


It contains lots of blouses and skirts, but I would say the the technical drawings once again provide a better idea of the pattern than the  clothes the models are wearing. Sometimes the materials are very uninspiring or the item looks like it needs a good ironing.

My favourite of the issue is this military style jacket, although I already have a very similar pattern in my stash, Burda 5/2011, model 113, a perfect example of it here, sewn by Amanda. So, if I eventually get the courage to try making a jacket, I am not really sure which pattern to go with.


Here are some examples of the blouses and skirts from the issue. I like the short-sleeved shirt and maybe one day I would even make the accompanying skirt.


The following set is an example of what I said above – the technical drawings don´t look bad, but the way the clothes are matched and presented, is quite awful.

I am not so much into the top, but I think that the skirt would look really nice, if altered into a pencil version, but keeping the side details.


Lastly, I like this simple and very versatile blouse. It would look nice under a jacket, combined with either trousers or a skirt.


In addition to the models I am showing here, there are some pants, another jacket, a cape and even more blouses and skirts. There are also two patterns for children and two for plus sizes (a jacket and a blouse).