Princess Jasmine Pants

This being the longest winter after seven years of living on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, I could easily switch to summer right now. Instead, we have a wonderful winter weather today here in Estonia, very appropriate for our Independence Day.

And I have completed a pair of summer pants in anticipation of my favourite season in Estonia. I just felt I needed a change in the battle against my Stardust Coat that is still in process, although thankfully it looks promising already.

I hope to make an update on the process in near future, but for now, here are the Princess Jasmine Pants:

Patrones No. 316 pants


Now that I think of it, it is pretty funny that I made a Wilma Flintsone Dress in summer. Maybe while others draw their inspiration from the latest catwalks, mine subconsciously comes from cartoons?

The pattern is from Patrones No. 316, that I ordered a while ago because of some great jumpsuit patterns this issue contains. But I started with those baggy pants instead, just because I happened to have the suitable fabric in my stash. The fabric is some kind of cotton blend, quite lightweight and at first I thought to make it into a dress.

The pants are low-rise and really baggy, with six decorative metallic buttons in front and 3 at both ankle cuffs. There is an invisible zipper on the left hip and the pattern originally calls for pockets that I omitted. The pattern is model No 10 in Patrones No 316:

Patrones pants 316

Patrones 316 bombacho pants

Patrones bombacho pants

As I was cutting the pieces out, I realized that it was impossible to cut the legs in one piece because of the amount of fabric I had. After a lot of brainstorming I decided I can live with horizontal seams on the backside of the pant legs. In the end I even topstitched the connecting seams with pink thread to pretend that it was intentional. This gave me the idea to topstitch in the first place. I was thinking to use the traditional thick orange thread used for  jeans topstitching but then changed my mind and went with a bit unconventional pink.

Patrones pants bombacho



I love the buttons I found, although the twelve of them cost me more than the fabric and other notions together! They come in silver as well and you will probably see the silver version on a certain coat soon 😉

Patrones bombacho pants



I am quite proud of lining the sides up so well, but not so proud of the pink zipper slightly showing, although it is invisible. I just couldn’t resist using a pink zipper as I wanted the zipper pull to add to the pink topstitching. With a good ironing though, the zipper shows much less, so I am going to keep it as it is.


It is marked as “costura facil”, meaning it is an easy pattern to sew and I quite agree. The reason why it took me longer than it should have, is that I used bias tape (pink!) to finish all the seam allowances and lately I only sew in the weekends.

As with my Patrones shorts, the fit is very good, I cut Patrones size 42 and I didn’t have to make any major alterations to the pattern. Although I don’t exactly feel like a princess in them, I think I will enjoy wearing these easygoing pants very much this summer!

As nearly all my summer shoes are still in Athens, I have no shoes to show you today!  However, I don’t think I would match these pants with high heels as modeled in Patrones mag.

Happy sewing and Happy Independence Day to all Estonians!

Better Late Than Never

Thanks to my dear friend Liise, who lives in Spain, I got my hands on my first Patrones magazine last summer. And some may recall that I made a pair of shorts from there and was very happy with the fit.

I talked her into getting some of the magazines for me, and the good news is that I will meet her again this Christmas, since she will spend the holidays in Estonia. I already know that I will be getting at least three issues from autumn, a special party season issue among them. I cannot wait! I am so impatient that I have been searching the internet for the issues and the patterns in them and as I was doing so, I found a Patrones from spring that includes some patterns that I couldn´t resist.

After digging deep for the best seller in terms of shipping cost and prices, I finally decided to make my first order from They sell some past issues of Patrones at slightly discounted prices (still more than in Spain) but because they charge the same amount for each magazine (if you order 2 copies, the shipping doubles as well), I behaved and ordered only one magazine.

It is Patrones No 316. It is old news because I think it came out in June, but I am very happy I got it, as it includes some really cute jumpsuit patterns, that I hope I will be able to make for the next season.

Patrones 316


My favourite out of the five models is the black one with ruffles, although the beige ones are also quite nice.

Patrones jumpsuit black

The order arrived within a few days and I think they only ship on workdays, because I ordered during the weekend and got the shipping confirmation on Monday.

There are some other things I have ordered lately (patterns and two books), but more on that when they arrive. I also managed to finish my party dress for the Christmas party with colleagues this Wednesday. If someone is willing to take the photos at the party, I can post it very soon!