The Sundress

As you may know already, this dress has been finished for about a month, but there was a problem with runaway buttons.

The buttons finally arrived right on time, because the weather here has turned back to summer, giving me a chance to finally wear the dress. The temperature has been around 33 degrees the past few days, so when Stefania and Giorgos asked me to spend a weekend over at their house, we also spent one day at the beach, swimming and feeling as if it was the end of July instead of the last days of September.

Here is the dress:

I cannot say I am entirely happy with the dress and the main reason is that i couldn´t handle the fabric very well. Firstly, matching the plaids and secondly, the fabric is kind of three-dimensionally wavy. It was quite hard to make the pattern pieces keep their shape when sewing. Thirdly, it makes me look pregnant at certain angles and this is not exactly the look I was going for. The fabric is so lightweight that it just doesn´t fall at all and therefore the front gathering puffs the dress up right under the chest.

I guess if I had matched the shoulder straps as well, the general impression of the dress would be much better, but the time I was sewing the dress, I actually thought that since it is generally a bit mismatched, it would be ok.

Anyway, I have undrestood that the flaws and mismatches hurt the eye in the photos more than in real life. I notice things that I didn´t think were there before and it can be really frustrating. Maybe It would be a good idea to take some photos before the completion of the item, in order to spot the mistakes on time?

The pattern I used is New Look 6046:

In my opinion, the colourful plaid fabric was asking for a childish design and I decided to go all the way, by adding a full mock button panel (the buttons are just for decoration). In order to do this, I split the front gathering to two, leaving just enough space for the button panel.

The pattern is easy to work with, it was the fraying, plaid, wavy fabric that caused me the trouble. I cut my regular size 12 and had to take in a little on the bodice side seams.

The bodice is lined (as per pattern instructions) and I also bias-taped the seam allowances.

Button close-up:

The shoes I am wearing are Moschino Jeans all-leather flats that I got for a ridiculous price (seriously, depending where you live, I spent the equivalent of 2-3 cups of coffee on these shoes) at a local shopping mall last sizes sale a few years ago. I haven´t been able to find a photo online, so I took one myself:


I think the starfish and seahorse details match wonderfully with the dress because of the playful colours. The colours are actually exactly as on the dress, but right now I am having a very complicated relationship with my old laptop, as it refuses to run some of the programs properly and the modern laptop is on a trip over the Atlantic 🙂

Love Copenhagen

The trip to Copenhagen was a dream. Not so much for me as a hobby sewist, but I had a terrific time with my friends and eventually fell in love with the city as well. Which seemed impossible on the first day, because it started to rain very hard just about 10 minutes before we got back to the apartment. And we got SOAKED. It was as if we had had a shower in the middle of the street, fully dressed. It took three days for the shoes I wore that night to dry out.

After such a welcome, everything was perfect, including the weather. The Danes are really nice people, helpful, polite, smiling and at the same time they seem to be really satisfied with life. And they have made their capital really enjoyable for someone who loves cycling. I only wish I had a fraction of that in Athens!

Prior to the trip I searched for fabric shops in Copenhagen and found a list of few here. There are mostly Stof 2000 in the list, but I couldn´t put my friends through hours-long fabric hunt anyway, so I was satisfied with the two Stof 2000 that are right in the centre of the city, close to Nørreport metro station.

It was very interesting, especially because the bigger of the two stores also offered fabrics by Giorgio Armani and other famous designers. The price tags were of course accordingly big.

I really liked that there was a corner where one could go through most of the pattern companies´ catalogues and order the patterns (I am not sure, maybe they were actually available on spot). Everything from Vogue to Burda and in addition, some less known brands.

The selection of more affordable fabrics was very Scandinavian in my opinion – geometrical prints and colours, that I didn´t really feel were ME. But they had an amazing variety of good quality cotton fabrics for children with really colourful prints that I had to restrain myself from buying because I don´t have children yet.

There was also a separate room for bridal silks and lace:

Home textiles on the ground floor:

Me looking around for something to buy:

The fabric in the photo above looks really nice, but from close I didn´t really like its quality, so I ended up with this:

The tag claimed it is cotton but I am almost sure it is synthetic. I don´t really mind, because I like the warm colours of it and I already have an idea what to make out of it. It will be a simple, girly summer dress, right now I am considering New Look 6046, the short version of model A, but without the ruffles on the shoulder straps: