A (Really Loud) Peasant Top


Well, I managed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my blog by not creating a single post for June and while I thought I would be able to show you my recent wedding guest outfit in detail for compensation, that plan did not work out either so here we are… I have long given up on trying to “cover” everything I make in the blog format (but almost everything can be seen on my IG account, even if only as a single photo).

But today I took some photos of the top I made in April to match my daughter on her 4th birthday. Again, could´ve planned better and got her dressed in her dress for a cool me and mini me photoshoot but… Honestly, blogging and social media is a full time job if done well and since I already have a job, this is what you get 😀

The top is Itch to Stitch Azores and I also happen to wear my all time favorite (I have made 4 pairs by now and will make more, don´t care that skinny pants are supposed to be “out” by now) skinny jeans Liana from the same pattern maker. The top is cute but I doubt I will repeat it again, just proved the point to myself once again that I am not too thrilled with elastic on my waist when it comes to tops and depending on the style, sometimes dresses.

Image from ITS website

I lengthened the bodice by 5 cm and I also suggest initially cutting it longer at the hem, because the shirring is riding up on the body to find the narrowest spot and that might leave you with a bare belly if the peplum part is too short. I can´t recall now whether I lengthened mine at the hem too, but I think not. It also stays put most of the times, but today I needed to handle two toddlers while wearing the top and had to tug it down occasionally.

Otherwise the pattern is very good as usually by Itch to Stitch – clear and detailed instructions and if you follow them it i impossible to go wrong. I guess what really “makes” this top is the fabric though. I almost bought it when it was more than 25 euros per meter but then dropped the idea just to have my sewing buddy go fabric shopping one day and let me know that they have discounted it by 70%!! My initial idea was a maxi dress of some sort but when I saw the release of Azores, I knew I could use the wonderful border print to underline the design details. It was also a dream to sew and proved to be perfect for shirring (also the stripes of the border print helped immensely, saving me from tediously marking the stitch lines). It is polyester bubble crepe but really good quality, breathable and delicate.

It is loud, I agree, but sometimes I just get the mood for loud! I posted the top on the local FB sewing group and someone commented that they would never ever have bought this fabric and that they can completely understand why it was so heavily discounted 😀 My concern was rather, whether the combination of the fabric and pattern would look too peasant-y, maybe especially since I used cobalt blue faux suede tassels and string instead of the button and loop closure as suggested by the pattern.

As a funny coincidence the top and the pants share not only the pattern maker but the fabric is from the same shop, just bought at a different time. For skinny pants, there is nothing better really than bengaline in my opinion. So here I used blue bengaline with a waxy or somewhat leathery surface to make my Liana pants. Although I have another 3 pairs, this is the most worn and mostly due to the fabric.

And last but not least, a couple images of my daughter´s matching dress, made for her 4th birthday! I know it is crazy for many sewists but I actually used a pattern for this (Style Arc Pippa) since I hate guessing and I wanted to increase my chance of making her something that has the right amount of shirring.

Chocolala Makes

It is the name of one handmade chocolate brand in Estonia and I just had the box next to my laptop while thinking how to title this post that mainly has to do with brown garments… spot on!

Highly influenced by one of my sewing buddies with whom we chat nearly daily but have managed to really meet only once, leaving aside several encounters where we hand over bags of fabrics that we have jointly ordered, I have recently taken a closer look at a small pattern brand Itch to Stitch patterns. The designs are classic I would say and as I have mentioned my goal of trying to create an almost all hand made wardrobe, classics is definitely what one needs as the basic elements (remember, I made altogether 3 ITS Lisbon cardis?).

So, being influenced by Kadri, I tried making a pair of Itch to Stitch Liana stretch jeans and wow, I discovered a true unicorn for myself! This pattern, sewn in the right (meaning the right amount of stretch) fabric, “straight from the envelope” in size 6 fits me exactly as I want a pair of skinny jeans to fit. It is a bit hard to believe, really… Things may change in the future, though, because my body has changed after the two babies and I haven´t been able to cycle as much as I used to, so if I can commence this in spring-summer and get consistent, there is a chance of some muscle build up in the thighs an buttocks that I lost during the pregnancies and I may need to make some adjustments. But right now, just wow!

The fabric is probably a simple cotton twill with elastane, but I am not 100% sure as I bought it by weight from Abakhan together with some other fabrics in matching shades as I am really into brown, beige and the likes right now, which is funny because I used to really dislike this color. While I lived and worked in Cyprus between 2005-2007, the ladies there used to wear brown a lot and it always seemed such a dull colour to me… and here I am 😀 I can also say that you will be seeing more of these colours quite soon…

For the back pockets I used one of the 33 free topstitch templates available on Closet Core Patterns. It reminds me of an ECG wave, but I thought it was easy to do and I liked it 🙂

I used a regular button this time, but as you could probably guess, I have cut out another pair already and I will use a metal jean button for these.

This turtleneck is also an Itch to Stitch pattern Hepburn, super simple and super satisfying and super comfy because the turtleneck really sits close to the neck and is nice to wear under a coat without necessarily needing a scarf. I will be making more of these for sure! Again, the fabric is from Abakhan by weight and I think the turtleneck and the jeans cost me about 12 euros altogether!

It has been very cold and snowy here in Estonia this winter, but for us this is how it should be and I really like sunny winter days – first, for better photos and second, for walks by the frozen sea like this:

Happy sewing and until soon!