The Great Surprise

Hey everyone!

I am back from Switzerland with fresh knowledge on my work stuff, nice impressions of a city I had not visited before and, of course, a new fabric! More about all this in the next post, because something totally unexpected happened today!

I got home from work and thought that since my mailbox was nearly overflowing with advertisements and flyers, emptying it would be a smart thing to do. When I was at it, I discovered a large envelope with my name and BurdaStyle logo on it!

I could not believe my eyes when I opened the envelope and found a complimentary issue of the October German BurdaStyle!


They had contacted me in the first days of March to ask about the Bow Tie Blouse and to send a photo, but as I never heard back from them, I thought my project was not chosen. And voilá! there it was!


I find it funny, though, that the text is totally outdated by now – the moment I replied to their request to say a few words about the blouse, I was still engaged and since I wore the blouse on my engagement, it seemed to be a nice detail to point out. Now, several months and a breakup later, that detail stares back at me on page 80!

But I don’t think I need to say how super happy I am about this! Super flattered! Thanks, BurdaStyle!