Burda July 2012 Preview

I stumbled upon the upcoming Burda July issue as I was looking for some photos from the Easy Fashion issue to use for my previous post.

As it seems, there will be a few pieces I think I will want to make, my favourite being this DRESS, of course:

Plus, some simple things like:

I know, the latter is ridiculous in its simplicity, but I think it its a nice and easy way to show off a cool fabric. I have seen something suitable already, so I might actually sew it up one day.

Burda is also introducing some dresses in the style of 1920´s with their lowered waistline, but I am afraid these would only look nice on someone with narrow hips and generally on a very slender figure – NOT me, because I have a narrow waist an relatively wide hips. But these two are cute:

The rest of the magazine doesn´t really appetize me, but I guess it would be impossible to get an issue with ALL the models to someone´s liking.