The Disco Dress

Hello everyone!

I am usually all into colour and if I buy black shoes, for example, it is always out of need and not because I like them. The same goes with clothes and I recently realized that when it comes to sewing, I have only made a pair of black trousers and that´s it.

Nevertheless I have gathered some black fabrics in my stash and as always, when I buy fabric, I already have an idea what to make of it. The idea might change over time and sometimes the realization of it may take a really long time. I think this is quite common among hobby sewists, we keep piling up fabrics and patterns, but the pace of actually creating the garments is always way slower.

The black polyester jersey of this dress was at first meant to be used for the aforementioned pants, but I decided that I needed a heavier and thicker jersey for the pants so this fabric was left behind. The silver stretch lycra was a remnant I got for a few pennies last year on my holidays to Estonia (I was still living in Greece then). I knew I wanted to combine it with  black for a disco dress!




The real push for starting to actually make the dress was a concert  I attended several weeks ago – once hugely popular dance music group called 2 Quick Start had their 20th anniversary tour all over Estonia and as one of their most popular songs is called “The Girl in the Black Dress”, I thought it would be nice to sew it up for that occasion.

But as I had my parents visiting, I never made it to the end with the dress so it was left aside for two weeks or so, until the past weekend when we went dancing with a few friends and colleagues. I managed to finish the hem on the last minute!



The pattern I used is Burda 2006-5 models 121/122:

Laura dress

laura dress 2


Some of you may recall that this is the pattern I used to make a maxi dress for my friend Laura last summer. I think it is great how versatile the pattern is!

This time I followed the pattern more closely, for the front I cut the pieces separately, but for the back kept it in one piece. I also tapered the skirt part a bit, as it seemed to me it would look nicer with such fabric combo.

I used tiny zig-zag stitch to sew most of the seams and twin needle for the hem and neckline-armholes.

The dress is really easy to make and I like that although it also looks simple, there are some nice details, also on the back side.



I was out dancing all night with the dress and enjoyed it a lot! It is great to sew something and have the opportunity to show it off immediately!

As the summer nights here are not always very warm, I combined the dress with a sequined knit sweater for the walk home.


Laura´s Dress

I don´t know what it is with the hobby sewists, but most of them seem to be selfish folks. Me included. Which means that we only like to sew for ourselves and doing it for others is not even half the pleasure, as Elaine, probably my favourite sewing-blogger so beautifully explains throughout her whole blog, The Selfish Seamstress. Seriously, her writing is so funny and her creations so to-die-for, that I would recommend reading her blog even if you are not that much into sewing.

Every rule has exceptions and so making the following dress for my former classmate Laura, was actually pure pleasure. I guess the fact that she kept me company, brought a nice cake plus a bottle of wine and is generally a nice person, helped.

And anyway, it was a great day – while I was stitching-drinking coffee-eating cake-chatting with Laura and Mariliis (another good friend of mine from school) we also watched the Olympics, namely the men´s parallel bars final, where we were not cheering so much for the athletes, but for my fiance Manolis, who was occasionally visible as well, as he was accompanying the Greek gymnast Vasileios Tsolakidis (who unfortunately was not as successful as he could have been). And the fun day was finished off with a bronze medal for Estonian discus thrower Gerd Kanter, adding to the pleasure of the silver the Estonian heavyweight Heiki Nabi got a day earlier in Greco-Roman wrestling!

Ok,  back to the dress now. It took me some effort to find the pattern online, since it is from Burda 2006-5 issue and clearly this is already so long ago that, not to mention and, have forgottten all about it. On I could only see a few random issues from 2006 and that´s it!

So I dug deeper and finally got what I wanted on, which must be known to most sewists, because one really doesn´t need to know Russian to navigate on the site (I am a living proof!) and get to the archive of Burda and a few other sewing and crafts magazines, starting from 2001!

Here is the pattern, Burda 2006-5 models 121/122:

I traced the pattern in the beginning of the summer, thinking it would also work great for colourblocking. But then Mariliis, who occasionally also makes a dress or two, used this pattern for a simple dress, similar to McCalls 6559:

It worked great for her and then Laura got all inspired and then all I got to do was steal the idea and make a dress for Laura. I can see myself end up making one for me as well, since it is super easy and flattering.

Mariliis´s version can be seen here (isn´t the fabric amazing?), maybe one day she will agree to model it properly for my blog as well 🙂 This photo is taken during our recent trip to Hiiumaa, the second largest island of Estonia, at a beach that was all ours that day:

I just used the pieces from the back side of the Burda dress, pinned them on the fabric more or less as one, cut and sewed. I had to take in quite a lot on the side seams, approximately 5 cm altogether, but I guess it was because of the elastic fabric and the unorthodox way of using the pattern. The armholes and neckline are bias-taped. Here you can see Laura in her new dress:

Some fabric close-ups:

The fabric is some kind of mixed lycra, very elastic. At the same time it feels really nice on skin (yes, I tried the dress on as well) and looks especially nice on tanned skin. I hope Laura will get a good wear out of it and that she will enjoy her new dress!