Roadworker Set and Other Little Things

Hi there!

I started the post below a few weeks ago already but then couldn´t find time for finishing it until today and therefore any referrals to time and date are from the moment I first wrote the post 🙂

A little bit of sewing for kids done again! I finished the jacket of this set a couple of days ago, but the pants were done already on the day we ended up at the maternity ward to welcome Lennart 🙂

You may wonder why did I make another rainy weather outfit, since just a while ago I made the softshell set as well, but the truth is that Estonian summer can be very moody and one must be ready for rain even in July. The softshell set would be too hot for summer rain, so already while sewing the softshell, I made plans for another set but for warmer days. Ironically, the summer has been very nice and it has mostly been raining at night so no problem that I managed to finish it as late as now.

I used the same pattern, Autumn Wind for the pants as for the softshell version, but the jacket is from Ottobre 3/2020, model Rainbow Dots. Originally this is designed for cotton fabrics, but the Goretex is also lightweight so it suited well. I was contemplating to leave the lining off, but eventually added it anyway; the pants, however, are unlined.

And for what I think is the first time ever, I made use of a messed up project: a T-shirt I had made for myself a while ago, for the lining. It is cotton jersey, but not very stretchy and I thought if Liisa-Mai is going to wear the jacket on short sleeves, it will be more comfy. However, in the end I decided to use a regular lining fabric for the sleeves, so that it would be slippery and facilitate putting the jacket on.

I love the pattern but I myself could have done a better job with the zipper. Unfortunately the Goretex is also not forgiving, so there is a small line of stitches gone bad that is visible around the base of the zipper because unpicking a seam on Goretex will leave marks.

Making this set proved once again that my reluctance of sewing for kids mainly has to do with me not enjoying sewing with knits, but most of childrens´clothes are designed for cotton jersey. I enjoyed making this set far more because I could use non-jersey fabrics and I loved the little challenge as it was once again something I had never made before plus the novelty of the material.

By the time of writing this post, Liisa-Mai has been wearing the set many times already and seems to love it.

She started kindergarten last week and in preparation for that as well as with the goal of using the fabrics I have been hoarding recently, I also made her a set of sweatpants and a hoodie. Loved making these so there will be more coming, I guess.

These patterns are also from Ottobre, 6/2017, models Young Jogger and Forest Fauna. I made them in size 92 and while the pants are an exact fit, the hoodie is a bit large, but this is no problem for me, she will grow into it in no time. Originally the hood is unlined, but I wanted to add some colour to the piece, so I lined it with purple cotton jersey that matches the arm and hem bands as well.

And last but not least, I also made a merino wool lined overall for Lennart and this seems to be just on time as the weather has been really autumn-y since September hit. I made the overall in size 68 and thought it is going to be huge at first but he is a big guy and he can already wear it. I love seeing him snuggling in something I made and that is also practical 🙂

Once again the pattern is from Ottobre, the Sky Jumper from 4/2019. The pattern comes unlined but I added one since this is supposed to be worn during car rides and walks to keep him warm and cozy.

I have also uploaded a few sneak peeks from other things I have made during the summer but I need to find the time to take more pics and write posts up. I always choose actual sewing over blogging so when free time is limited, I end up sewing more stuff than I can write about.

Until soon!

A Call For Help


The following has nothing to do with sewing and not really much with me either. But another family´s horrible problem has touched me so much that I have decided to spread the plead for help on this site as well.

I am sorry if anyone finds it inapproriate somehow. I am ok with this and if you don´t feel like helping out, it is ok, this is up to everyone themselves!

Since the story is not mine, I will simply lay out a few facts:

  • there is a 3 month old Estonian girl diagnosed with quite a rare genetic disorder Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • until recently there was no cure and the affected children lived up to 2 years until their breathing stopped, because the disease disturbs muscle development
  • the medication Zolgensma that really cures the disease (gene therapy) is the most expensive in the world, with a price tag over 2 million USD (yes that´s right)
  • over a million has already been donated in Estonia

If you want to read more, go visit:, and please consider helping!

The following is copied from the Facebook post of Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation that has already given 400 000 euros from their reserves and has opened phone lines and accounts for the same specific purpose (there is also information towards the end of the text for those kind and generous people who would like to donate from abroad!):

ONE MILLION! Thank you so much good people!

A little 3 month old Annabel, whose life depends on the extremely expensive medicine, is gone into the hearts of many people. Today, by midday, the amount of money donated by kind people for Annabels’ treatment was reached to 1, 014 254 million euros.

The Lastefonds’ donation account has received up to 221 167,74 euros, together with 400 000 euros, which came from reserves. Donation account HelpAnnabel, created by Annabels’ parents, has received 392 575 euros total to cover the treatment. The biggest donation, Lastefonds’ account received, was a whole of 22 thousand euros. Phone donation amounts, we hope to get by tomorrow.

Many great businesses have offered their help, by donating money for treatment and also, by offering their time and abilities. For example, thanks to Linna Ekraanid, the information for helping Annabel is able to be forwarded to people everywhere. Thank you so much for your help!

Donating to companies through Lastefond, is tax-free. According to law, the donated amount with income tax credit is up to 10% of yearly income, or till 3% with social tax of taxed amount, in the choice of etrepreneuer. Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikumi Lastefond is sending the data to Maksu- ja Tolliamet by the 1 of February, in the following year.

In response to, what happens with the donations, when little Annabel will not get together the needed amount, Lastefond assures, that the remaining money will go to cover other sick children treatments. This is how our charity organization is functioned for almost 20 years, which is also why, thanks to our regular donaters, the amount of 400 000 from reserves can be added to the cure for treatment.

Today, the essential medical documents of Annabels treatment will be sent to United States to wait for the final confirmation. Thank you, good people, for helping to save the little girls life!

To maintain the donations of the treatment that will save Annabel’s life, You can donate through the bank accounts of the SA Tartu University Hospital Children Foundation (SA Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikumi Lastefond) indicating in the explanation „Annabel“:

Swedbank IBAN EE682200221015828742
SEB IBAN EE261010220014910011
Luminor IBAN EE791700017000285384
LHV IBAN EE527700771000610813
COOP IBAN824204278603586607

Requisites for non-Estonian bank transfer:
Bank: Swedbank, address: Liivalaia 8, Tallinn
IBAN: EE682200221015828742

PayPal payment should be directed to with description ‘’Annabel’’.

Let´s hope for the best! Thanks for reading!

Goodbye, Sewing in Athens!


Some of you have been following my sewing projects for a long time and therefore know that this blog was started while I still lived in Athens, Greece.

Ironically, there are only a few posts from that time because my life took an unexpected turn in 2012 and I moved back to my native Estonia. Yes, initially the plan was to stay for a short time but as it happens, the temporary stuff tends to stick and I have been to Greece only for holidays since.

So, Sewing in Athens was the blog title when I started it and I kept the title even when it was already clear that I will never be sewing in Athens again. It didn´t really bother me, although it had become misleading and I cursed myself for having picked a title that was so attached to a place.

But for quite some time already I have felt that its inappropriateness is annoying me and I have been brainstorming in search for a new and better name. So, depicting me and my habits so well, The Late Night Sewist is the choice! I don´t believe I will ever become a morning person so I really hope I will never have to change this one!

Also, I often feel that I would like to share some progress photos and fabric shopping of pattern ideas with you, but the blog format is too clumsy and slow for this purpose.

Therefore, you can find me also in Instagram now:

Until soon!

Burda Style news

Hello all,

my aim has been to sew at least one item every month and showcase it here, but the work has been so demanding lately that I am progressing the few garments I am working on simultaneously at the pace of a snail.

This slow going makes me feel disappointed and turns on a vicious cycle of lack of time and disappointment and in the end it is really hard to get back on track even if I finally find a little spare time.

However, as if to give me a wake up call, upon my return from Helsinki, where I was once again for school, I found a pleasant surprise in my mailbox – my third complimentary issue of BurdaStyle magazine, because I am in there! Yay!

The issue is the German edition of March 2016.


The project they have chosen is the pair of pants I made back in 2012, while still living in Athens… as a matter of fact the photo was taken on the roof of my home! Weird, how time goes by, it seems hard to believe that it was just 4 years ago.

Anyway, this sweet present and a lovely comment on an old post have given me some energy and I have been patiently working on a few things in the evenings. Hopefully I will be able to show them before the end of March!

Until then, happy sewing everyone!



One Lovely Blog/Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Hi there!

For many days already, I owe two ladies in the blogosphere a big thank you for rewarding me with the One Lovely Blog/Very Inspiring Blogger Award. The first was G. from Lin3arossa, followed by Red Point Tailor. Thank you!

I  know that some bloggers don’ t publish their awards and don’t participate in sharing random facts about themselves and at first I decided to keep it simple as well, until honingdesign (Thank you too!) nominated me once more.

I thought that as I felt  flattered and surprised by being nominated, why not spread the positive feelings by participating and nominating others too? The funny thing is that as I was indecisive about the whole thing, I had written a draft post right after the first nomination, but never got to publishing it. And in that nominee list of mine was honigdesign as well 🙂


The rules of the award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Add The One Lovely Blog Award /The Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass the award to 10 nominees
  • Include this set of rules.
  • Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs.

Hmm, 7 things about myself…. let me try.

  1. I drink my coffee with lots of fresh milk, no sugar
  2. I once wanted to become a doctor, but now I am happy being a physiotherapist
  3. I love cycling, always did
  4. In addition to my mother tongue Estonian, I have learned English, Greek, Russian, Spanish, German and some French. Currently I use the first four languages daily
  5. I don´t like Coca Cola, but occasionally I take a sip from someone’s glass just to confirm that I still don’t like it
  6. I love picking mushrooms and berries in Estonian forests in summer. So relaxing and rewarding!
  7. I got my driving licence in Cyprus, where they drive on the left.

Now, the nominees, this is difficult, but nevertheless, this is my list:

Silk, Lace and Steel – a blog that is just starting up, but I have been keeping an eye on Jiulia’s creations on Burdastyle and love them all!

Jazz Couture


Jorth – I love the sewing and admire the knitting this lady does!

Allison. C Sewing Gallery

Catherine Daze´s blog

Vintage Girl

The Blue Gardenia

Sewingadicta – gotta love the blog for the amazing creativity as well as the sights of Gran Canaria – an island with a special place in my heart

I am naming only nine, I hope  this violation of rules will be forgiven.

Happy sewing everyone!