My Lilac Love


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that not everything I sew makes it way to the blog and some not even to Instagram. But I had the inspiration and bought the fabric already a year ago, spent months on and off this project and battled the Burda magazine’s written only instructions (especially confusing for the back slit with linining) so this coat (Burdastyle 2/2019, model 105) definitely deserves a little post.

Since I am more and more used to pdf patterns and more and more dislike tracing, especially something that has so many large pieces, I actually bought the pdf pattern, although I also had the magazine. Still the pattern comes without seam allowances, but this time I added them straight to the paper to avoid tedious marking on the fabric.

Since I added 1cm seam allowances instead of 1,5 as required, I was extra careful not to make any stupid mistake down the way and made a test pocket before sewing the actual ones. That part went really well in the end, everything looks neat. But what gave me a really hard time and lot of wrapping my brain around it, was the back slit on a lined garment. Burda instructions are just words after words and I was lost pretty quickly. They do provide a drawing, but since it depicts a generic lined slit (as for a skirt) and not the exact one where the lining also had to match in the front, I got through with fingers crossed that my guesswork would hit the nail. Eventually I managed it, but I actually don’t even feel like I learned a lot because I don’t feel much more confident than before.

Posting this I realized that I should have topstitched the inner corner differently.
Like this. (Image from I need to digest now whether to fix it or let it be.
I decided against my usual piping due to the thin fabric, the lines would probably have been visible on the outside.

I made my coat in size 40, no adjustments. For some reason, finding a suitable pattern was really hard. I wanted it to have the storm flaps but not be too fussy with buttons and epaulets and such. And I also envisioned the lapels to have sharp corners instead of the rounded ones that you see, but I didn’t want to mess up anything and therefore I made them according to the pattern.

The fabric is a water repellent polyester and the fun matching lining is also polyester. I was afraid that this combination would make the coat clingy due to static electricity, but it hasn’t been the case so far.

I wore it last night for a friends birthday celebration that ended up at a random bar and I got to bed at 4 AM, but it was so much fun. It was great to meet up with some really old friends from school and they generously complimented on my coat that made me especially happy.

Until soon!


6 responses to “My Lilac Love”

  1. This is such an impressive make plus it’s in my favourite colour… purple!!! Excellent. Glad you were able to figure out the vent!

  2. Your coats looks really good to me. Had a problem with the back vent on a very similar burda coat a few years ago so I totally understand how rubbish their instructions are for that. I expect its pretty similar although a different magazine pattern. I do not think you should change the top stitching either. It looks fine. No one but you will ever know. If it really annoys you best just to do it different when you make this pattern again in a few years time. If you are like me you probably will especially if you enjoy wearing it.

  3. Vicki Maiorano Avatar
    Vicki Maiorano

    It is fabulous. Love the colour on you. Well done !!

  4. Totally fabulous! And I prefer your topstitching to Burda’s instruction. I love that this coat was out until 4 am. Well done!

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