Striking Stripes


I feel like I am running out of title ideas for striped stuff… as well as stuff that involves ties! So here is the newest Itch to Stitch pattern Tustin which has both!

As you know, I have been testing for Itch to Stitch for a while now and this was another test. To be honest, I don´t think I would have bought the pattern otherwise because I have made a quite similar dress in the past and I also have another similar pattern in my stash. But I decided to test it anyway and I am so glad that I did because it was fun and quick to make and I can see it in high rotation as a work dress for the upcoming summer.

Image from Itch to Stitch webpage

The pattern is easy to follow and I think it is very rewarding to be able to make an eye catching dress without too much fuss. I can also imagine it in a monochrome version for a somewhat elevated look.

The fabric was my first option, but after I saw another tester using a striped fabric and realized that the stripes will run diagonally, I hesitated for quite some time. I was afraid that my stripes would not end up looking nice as they are wide and striking on the beige background. However, while on the plane to Madrid for a little getaway, I had some time to meditate over this question and ended up deciding to go with the initial choice.

The fabric is basically viscose jersey, but it has a slightly crepe-ish texture and is very soft. I believe the pattern is intended for a tad sturdier fabrics, but it works equally well with my choice. It is also among the cheapest in my stash as I ordered it from an online shop in the Netherlands and paid 3 euros per meter!

My dress is size 6 smoothed to size 8 at the hips. I added a small but pretty detail to the inside of the neckline – I stitched a strip of fabric onto the seam of the back neckline on the inside. I have wanted to try this for long, but believe it or not, its was my first time! Also, I cut my neckline 1,5 cm narrower than the pattern calls for, so don’t be deceived by my photos. The sleeve and dress hems are hemmed with a coverstitch machine.

I guess in addition to the abovementioned monochrome and my stripes, the dress would also look really nice in a (floral) print. I am actually scratching my head whether I should make another one right away or tackle some other projects that sit unfinished in my sewing room.

As usually, the new pattern is 20% off for a week! You can find it here:

Happy sewing!


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