Rise and Shine


Thanks for all the supportive feedback on my last post!

Today I want to document a few words about my new morning robe. Mainly a note to myself that when the new one gets worn out, I would remember to copy the old one because to be honest I love it more!

I thought it would be easier if I used an actual pattern this time, so I picked Style Arc Loungewear Robe as I had the pattern in my stash anyway. It had also worked great for a kimono style cover up that I made last summer for a wedding (I owe a post about this mainly to myself because I really liked how the whole set turned out, but I didn´t have the chance for proper photos back then).

image from Style Arc website

In hindsight think the pattern works better for lightweight fabrics, but I prefer my morning robes cuddly and therefore my go to fabric has been cotton velvet. The pattern has a bit too much ease and the piping I used made the sleeves stick away from the arms a bit too much for my liking.

So it is a pretty robe, but the previous one is way better. Another cool feature it has is the missing side seams. I admit that I occasionally sleep in my robe – when the winter nights are extra chilly and I climb under the blanket wearing the robe and then just doze off. I haven´t tried it yet with the new robe, but the extra fabric and side seams make me doubt that it would feel that much second skin.

I squeezed my robe out of exactly 2 m of fabric and although I am in constant fight with my stash, I already purchased another robeful (is that a word?) of light purple cotton velvet for the future.

In other news I am writing this while waiting to begin my one week holiday that I will spend the majority of in Madrid, Spain. I was in Barcelona last week for work and had some free time so I dragged my sweet colleagues to a really fun flea market that also has fabric stands – Mercat dels Encants. It is not too far away from the Sagrada Familia and I scored some nice linen and linen-cotton blend fabric for the summer at the ridiculous price of 4 euros per meter.

For Madrid, I also have some fabric-related plans and since I am travelling with my friend who also sews, we have arranged to meet up with the cool person behind Studio Costura label that provides lingerie patterns and materials. She is actually from Estonia, I have taken part in 2 of her workshops (one was held at my home actually!) and we will hit some local fabric shop gems together. Can´t wait!

Until soon!


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