The Pocket Suit


Some of you have been around here long enough to know that I haven´t broken my tradition of making a holiday season party dress/set for over ten years now. This year is different, because it is the first time that my party attire involves pants! Also, the first time it involves a waistcoat!

This decision is quite a leap for me because ok, pants, but wide leg pants? Not to mention the waistcoat. To be honest, I was contemplating letting it go this year and just pick something from my wardrobe because I didn´t have any inspiration until the moment I realized I either make something in 2 weeks or break the tradition.

I had mixed feelings (and I know many people do) about the waistcoat with no shirt underneath, but at the same time the combo with wide leg pants looked sexy in a different way – not showing any leg. I had bought the patterns (Veronica vest and Tatjana trousers by Just Patterns) and also realized that this is a trend that may very well be gone by next year so either I wear it now or never.

In hindsight, I call it the masterclass of (welt) pockets, because the set has altogether six pockets, four of them welts. I have made a few items with welt pockets in the past year and still feel anxious when it is time to cut so the pants and the vest just forced me to deal with it. I think the back pockets of the pants have plenty of room for improvement, but the waistcoat turned out rather good in these terms.

If you are considering making your own set or one piece or another, using Just Patterns, then bear in mind that the patterns are designed for a 165 height. I lengthened my pants by 5 cm and initially also the waistcoat. I actually made a toile for it, because I didn´t like the extra low armholes in the pictures and wasn´t sure about the size selection either. And still, I ended up shortening the vest by 4 cm later on, but this time from the shoulder seams. I also raised the armscye about 2 cm initially, but with the shoulder seam rearrangement the armscye raised even more. I also added one more button. I am happy now with the end result, although it felt like more work than with a full jacket.

I don´t think I will ever make the waistcoat again, but I am more positive about the trousers. They fit really well and look nice from the inside too! I am thinking about a classic black pant and if I still feel like it, maybe another color too for fun.

The vest is size 38 and the pants are size 42. In addition to lengthening the pants, I took in about 2cm of the center back seam at the waistline. Maybe I rushed it because now I have to be a bit tummy-conscious!

I have made good use of my holidays and finished some stuff that had been too long on my table and I have even taken a few photos of everything. One more week to go and having high expectations on that as well.

Most of all, however, I want this year to be done already and really hoping for new year to bring peace and healing after all the crap that has been going on in the world.

I also hope that you have spent good time with your loved ones and that you are all safe!

Until soon!


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