A Dress


It’s not the first time it happens that after a long hiatus I suddenly find time for a few posts in a row.

So today it is about a dress. One of those that actually were a lot cheaper to make rather than buy. This is a very common misunderstanding that sewing must be cheap… well, I just recently got a piece of Chanel wool boucle from Rome, paying EUR 70 per meter, but I guess it depends on what you compare it with – an original Chanel jacket would definitely cost more, wouldn’t it?

As you can see, I took the photos in summer already but for certain reasons I have hesitated sharing this dress. However, I love it and it got lots of wear in summer therefore it deserves a post especially since I keep this blog primarily for myself to document my progress and some travels.

The fabric is a mystery one by weight from Abakhan, just one piece of it in the pile and it cost me less than 10 euros. It is crisp, thin enough for summer and slightly stretchy, although for this pattern that is not necessary.

Once again I really enjoyed sewing the details of the dress, the topstitching, the epaulets etc. And since the beginning I knew it needed a power buckle to underline the utility look. The pale pink and stark black make a nice contrast and I had a hard time deciding on the buttons. Finally, as my 4-year old daughter and my husband had both independently suggested the same ones, I took their advice and used the ones you can see.

And I got so lucky with the shoes! I had envisioned exactly these and even decided the price I was willing to pay and then found them to complete the look just on time for a get together with my old schoolmates. I guess the best compliment is that they questioned whether I made this dress although they all know I sew.

Happy sewing and until soon!


7 responses to “A Dress”

  1. The dress looks great. I like the back too, in how it falls, rather than being straight and flat.

    1. Thanks so much! I agree! It can also be worn over long pants as sort of light coat

      1. Definitely, would look good open and over anything.
        I agree sewing is expensive. Mouths drop open when I say what
        I have paid for fabric in most cases. But it’s all relative isn’t it.A dress that cost 30€, looks like a dress that cost 30€. But a good fabric can make a simple pattern look expensive.

      2. Absolutely! And with some practice the quality is so much better than what you get for 30€

  2. It has the. Utility look with an elegant touch

  3. What a beautiful pattern. I too would have chosen those buttons. And the belt buckle and shoes all echo the simple elegance.

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