My Gingham Dress (and some rant)


I wanted to write this post a few days ago already but got caught in a complete mess that resulted in the changed look and unfortunately missing features of my blog.

But first things first, my new (and already in frequent use) dress! I used the Style Arc Clementine pattern for a lilac embroidered top last spring (not blogged):

Image from Style Arc

… and always considered the dress version too “peasanty” or not my style really. But you know, circumstances and attitudes change and when I found this beautiful gingham cotton and poly blend discounted at Abakhan online store, I had the feeling that this pattern could work well with this fabric. You decide for yourself:

It has become such a favorite that I am seriously thinking to make the same dress in the same fabric but in the grey version. It is almost non-iron and feels wonderful on, dries really fast. The small gingham looks quite romantic in combination with this pattern but not over the top.

The dress can be worn also without the belt, but I took my husband´s opinion seriously and since he prefers it belted… belted it is.

I love the clean finish of the neckline with the facing on the outside:

My dress is in size 10 and I am once again really amazed how well fitting the bodice and the sleeves are – so comfortable, no gaping anywhere despite the rather large square neckline and I think it is quite flattering. Do you think a flowery version would be too much? (getting all kind of ideas here)

A simple project as it is, there is not much else to say than if you have been thinking about a comfy, forgiving (to all the ice cream and gym break of summer) and very versatile summer dress, I would really recommend this pattern!

I guess I can also spare a few lines for a rant about the very environment you are reading this post in – wordpress. I tried to change the theme (aka the looks) of the blog but got everything so messed up that for a few days all you could see was a black page with random artistic photos of various native people on this site. When I finally dug myself out of this hole, I discovered that either during this process or maybe very smoothly already earlier, the widgets are not included in my “package” any more – as a result I cannot create a direct access to my Instagram account from this page other than with a link in the text. The annual subscription cost would increase 3 times if I really wanted that feature again! I really think that interconnectedness is actually the essence of social media and it feels awkward to face such a strict barrier to this “right”.

Anyway, I am wishing you a beautiful end of the season wherever you are and see you soon with some other news!


4 responses to “My Gingham Dress (and some rant)”

  1. I love a square neckline, I think it’s so flattering for most people and also same opinion for gingham. You should make a flowery one as it will have the same comfort but a completely different look. All the platforms are so frustrating 🫤

    1. Thank you so much! I guess I will make another one, yes 🙂

  2. The dress is gorgeous! Belted makes it look more dressy I think, than an unbelted version would. Also you get to play with the different looks of different belts.

    But an unbelted one would look great (I think!) for a summer picnic or some other really relaxed informal occasion. Or on the couch when eating icecream 🙂

    I’d definitely be whipping up a few more of those! And floral? YEP!

    That’s really annoying about instagram. What is your account? I will follow you there.

    I have been using instagram a lot and unable to blog, but now I can I was thinking it would be fun to have it all linked up and the same piccies both here and there.


    1. Thanks so much! My Instagram is the same: thelatenightsewist 🙂 see you there!

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