The Feathery Blouse


If you follow my IG account, you have probably seen a glimpse of this already:

It´s a simple blouse, the pattern is from Burdastyle 11/2013, model 103.

As you can see, it is pretty straightforward, no careful fitting or special techniques required. The cuffs could be a bit wider because as they are now, I have to unbutton them every time I want to put on or take off the blouse. But of course being so narrow they create a beautiful bell shaped sleeve.

The sleeves actually have a dart on top of the shoulder and it is not obvious from the technical drawing. The construction is also interesting and simple at the same time because initially you only have to sew a part of the sleeve attachment seam and then close it with one continuous seam on top of the shoulder together with the shoulder seam.

Recently I am very much into this wine or bordeaux shade as the feather print of this fabric. It is polyester and I wish it was rather a mix of some natural fibre because of static electricity but still, could not not buy it when I saw it. I have a beautiful plain fabric in the same colour and I will make a pencil skirt to go with this top.

Speaking of pencil skirts, my husband made a comment when I was halfway done with the blouse and wasn´t sure if this wider cut and bell sleeves are really me. He said that “not everything has to be almost skin tight” 😀 He is right but for some reason I do feel kind of clumsy in wide clothes, especially wide sleeves and maybe this is also the reason why I am not really a fan of floor length dresses either. But pencil skirts… I have thought many times that one day, one day!… I will get an office job just to be able to really dress the way I like. Because I really do like pencil skirts 😀

Anyway, some close ups here as well:

I wear glasses for reading, driving and of course, sewing but normally not through the whole day. But for these photos I wore them for two reasons – they are new and they are the same bordeaux colour! I admit – my phone cover is in this shade as well! And did you notice the shoes? 😀

I used to wear high heels quite often when I lived in Athens because the lifestyle of a Southern European city was very different from my lifestyle now. Plus, in Estonia we normally don´t wear shoes indoors, so to be honest I don´t think I will ever wear the top as you see it with the red heels here. Once I make the skirt, yes, to a concert or a date night but with pants I guess it is going to look more like that in real life:

But those red shoes have leather soles and I just remembered a funny story related to them. We once went to a winetasting date with my then boyfriend (I actually think it was Beaujolais Nouveau Day in November) and totally forgot to think how are we going to get back home after all this tasting and drinking since we drove there but the celebration was in the middle of the week and yes, in this small town in the middle of a winter week you actually can´t get a taxi! And I was wearing my 10 cm heels with leather soles and it was half raining/half snowing outside….. So what did he do? He carried me on his shoulders all the way home, taking several breaks on the way. We had crazy fun and I guess even just this would have been enough to marry him, right?


5 responses to “The Feathery Blouse”

  1. It is difficult to get used to a looser silouhette when you have been used to close fitting clothes but you have the balance here of looser top with close fitting trousers and it looks great! I loved the wine tasting story very romantic. 🙂 when you say you don’t was shoes indoors – does that apply to places of work?

    1. Thanks for commenting! No, we do wear shoes at public places, including workplace but I meant situations like going to a friends house – then we do take shoes off but its for practical reasons (the climate!) not religious ones if this is what you had in mind!

  2. I love the story of your shoes! I have this pattern myself but never made it up. Now I see what it can look like I think its probably time I got round to fixing that one. I do not at all like the magazine picture but your top looks lovely and very wearable and yes would make an excellent office top. I currently work in an office so I now intend to be inspired by your post and make this. I have come accross this kind of shoulder / top-of-sleeve construction from Burda myself but cannot remember which pattern ( possibly it was Long Sleeve Fitted Ruched Dress 02/2015 #124). It went together fine though and like you say was also not obvious because I did not realise till I made it it was different to usual.

    1. No I think it was Burdastyle 09/2012 #107 has the same type of shoulders/ neckline.

    2. -Thank you for your comment and sorry for such a late response! I wish you good luck with your top! I also noticed that one of the dresses I have made, has a similar seam on the sleeve:

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