Estonia 100 Dress


My home country Estonia celebrated its 100th anniversary on February 24th and if anything deserves a new dress, then it is this proud celebration day!


I have been sewing a few things this year already but I must admit my sewing mojo is a bit down as I am quite tired in the evenings and rather prefer to spend my energy on walking and keeping fit rather than making efforts with sewing. I have nearly completed a patchwork quilt blanket (my first after the obligatory one in high school!) in preparation for the arrival of our baby and started a dress, but my sewing machine did not love the fabric so I just had another unfinished object added to the deepest corner of my drawer.

Also, I am not too excited about sewing floaty garments which is the only style I can wear right now and therefore the only thing that really pushed me to make something was this big anniversary and the fact that we were invited by friends to a celebration party for which I REALLY did not have anything to wear 🙂

The pattern is from Patrones 332, model 18.

The sizes in Patrones are different from Burda or the American brands, so when I normally cut size 38 from Burda, I am 42 for Patrones. This time I decided to go up one size and cut 44, although it was already obvious that the pattern is generous enough.

It is quite a straightforward model and a quick make which is exactly what I needed right now. In order to add some spark, I used a sequined fabric for the front yoke. It is the first time I used sequined fabric and because the sequines are small, it didn´t create any problems and I could just sew through them. However, the whole house was full of sparkle as cutting and trimming released hundreds of sequins or pieces of them.


The most important aspect of this dress for me was that I wanted to feel comfortable, yet appropriate for the occasion. I managed both and there is even hope I can wear it in the future once I am in my normal parameters again!


Some close ups as well:


I will work for another three weeks and then stay home to prepare for the upcoming life changing moment. I can´t promise I will make anything during that time because I cannot make anything I really like right now, but at the same time completing a new garment is so satisfying that I may decide to whip up something anyway.


12 responses to “Estonia 100 Dress”

  1. Wishing you all the best, from Ontario, Canada. I admire your style, and am looking forward to seeing more……in the meantime, enjoy your new phase.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind wishes!

  2. I love the dress and I think that you look lovely.

  3. You look beautiful and happy!
    Have nice last working weeks and then enjoy your preparing time 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Elisabeth! It is a happy and exciting time, that´s true!

  4. Really cute dress and it looks beautiful on you!

  5. I like how the dress turned out. You look stunning during pregnancy. How do find Patrones patterns? Do they differ much from Burda?

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment! I have tried out o few of them and they have been from one extreme to the other – I once made shorts that fit perfectly and then there was a simple dress that was sized completely off. I haven´t made anything too detailed because I am not very confident with the Spanish instructions and the patterns themselves either, although there is a coat I would really like to make one day, but still gaining confidence!

  6. I really like this dress! It’s very stylish and I’d use it even after the baby is here if I were you 🙂 Good luck with the delivery 🙂

    1. thank you very much, Maria! Actually this is the plan, I have avoided sewing real “pregnancy clothes”!

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