Help needed!


I am currently making a dress for an upcoming wedding in May and I am using this cute pattern from March 2016 Burdastyle:

Unfortunately I only have the German version of the magazine and honestly, this time the instructions are like Chinese to me – I cannot make sense of them, but since I am using the precious stretch silk I got from Italy a few years back, I don´t want to make any mistakes!

I visited the local library today in order to get the instructions in English from their issue, but they also only have it in German, would you believe?

So I am hoping for someone who is reading this, to take the time and take a snapshot of the sewing instructions of this dress in ENGLISH and send the photo to me! I would really appreciate this!

11 thoughts on “Help needed!

  1. I have it only in Dutch, I don`t think that would help. Do you have Instagram? People are very helpful! Or maybe I can help you with what you don`t understand! Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much! No, unfortunately Dutch is not an option! My mom is a German philologist and I have a Dutch colleague, but it is still hard with the terms if they are not sewing the item themselves! I do have Instagram, but I am so passive, I have zero photos up there, only using it to follow others´accounts.

  2. I can help. I have taken photos of the instructions and can email them to you immediately.. Beautiful pattern.

  3. I found that issue in my stash but clearly not quick enough! Amazing sewing community comes up trumps once again… love it! Good luck with your dress 😀

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