Jalie Jeans and Leftover Top


The first projects of 2017 have been chosen solely because I wanted to try out my new serger, Brother M1034D.

You might recall my Just Cavalli dress that took ages to complete. I don´t know how about you, but I find it really difficult to throw away large pieces of leftover fabrics although I never use them for another project again, so they just pile up and I am really happy when I can use up the whole yardage of fabric for a project. The only fabrics that I use again are linings.

So I had quite a lot of Cavalli fabric left from the aforementioned dress and after making these crazy blue pants I also whipped up the top, thus using every scrap of the fabric I had!


So the pants are my first ever try of the famous Jalie patterns I have heard read so many good words about. Mainly about their jeans pattern which I had in mind at first, but then I noticed that they also have a pull on jeans pattern and since my fabric is very stretchy I thought I could also take the easy road. So I bought, downloaded, cut, taped and cut again their Eleonore /Jalie3461/ pattern.


I mostly used my serger to make the pants and just sewed the zippers, topstitching and hems with the regular machine. I enjoyed working with the pattern and I only had to take in about 2 cm at the waist before attaching the waistband.

The zippers are my own addition to the pants. I actually have the idea to wear them with a jacket I am planning to make and once it is ready (no promises), it should match even better due to the silver zipper detail of the pockets.


Because of the zippers, the pockets are actually bigger than the pattern originally requires. The zippers are purely decorative and since they are sewn onto the fabric I didn´t see a way to shorten them so that they would match the pockets. So the solution was to cut bigger pockets in order to make it happen. The pockets are about the width of the seam allowance bigger than original on each side.

For the top I used an old Burda pattern (from 7/2007, model 105) that I always thought was really cute:

It is the record project in terms of speed – I started cutting the fabric at around 10 PM and by 1.30 AM the top was complete. Of course I wasn´t too excited about it a few hours later when I had to get up for work and then drive all the way to Riga in the afternoon 🙂

The only thing I changed was adding the back center seam, because of my fabric print. I also just serged the back opening edges. The small ties are sewed on separately and they are both double layer of fabric, so they are not so easy to tie neatly and every time I end up with a different result – sometimes the tie ends show north-south, sometimes east-west!

Now I said “crazy” blue pants and I wasn´t lying – the photos above were taken in Riga at the hotel we stayed during the first trip to hunt for the wedding dress and the lighting conditions were obviously not the best. Here is how the blue is in reality, pretty electric, huh?


I actually think that the top also looks better with black pants, but the truth is that I have to make some additional garments to wear with the pants, it is not easy to match colors with such bright blue!

It seems that April will go by without any new posts, since I am really pushing myself with the thesis, but it is going at a very slow rate. Still, I have so many sewing projects on my mind that we´ll see, maybe I will make something simple just to tame the craving!


6 responses to “Jalie Jeans and Leftover Top”

  1. The top is really nice! I know what you mean with the too big scraps of fabric but on the other side I hate stressing about not having enough fabric for a project 😂. The fit on the jeans is spot on! I also made this pattern in a lace look denim and I love them . What a difference in the pictures …the color is really blue 😁

    1. Hi, Camelia and t hanks for the comment! I agree about the stress for enough fabric! I have certain lengths I buy for some vague projects in my head, say 70 cm for a pencil skirt, 1.8 m for a dress with sleeves and 1.5 m for pants, but sometimes these ideas change and then I curse myself wishing I had gotten at least 2 m of everything! And yes, REALLY blue is correct, I should hurry now to make things that match the pants! But the fabric was like 70% off when I got it, couldn´t leave it on the shelf!

  2. As I already said on Burda, great pieces both of them, I love the fit, and think it’s cool with this crazy blue 😀
    And yes, I have a drawer cabinet full of leftovers, hoping to use a few bits up soon 😐

  3. Both pieces are really gorgeous. When you wear the black pants the tops stands out but when you wear the blue the pants stand out so really it’s like having two tops! The blue fabric looks really lovely. I normally buy two metres and then when I want to make a maxi or something I don’t have enough. When you have children (or have some children close by) you can use those scraps up quickly.

  4. I LOVE THE PANTS! They fit perfectly and those zippers are clever and cute.

  5. Your top and jeans look great!

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