Cold Shoulder Hot Pattern Top


The month of September is coming to an end and what a month that has been!

The latest high emotions come from the sunny holiday in Greece, which for me was extra special because it was the first time back there since returning to Estonia four years ago, after having spent five years in Athens.


We started from Athens in order to see the mandatory sights and I also managed to squeeze in time for a couple of friends, whom I hadn´t seen all this time! Then we hired a car and drove to the island of Evia, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge. It is not so well known as several other Greek islands, although it is the second largest after Crete, but we had a marvellous time nevertheless. Since the high tourist season is over, there were only a few people at the organized beaches, but we even avoided that by discovering completely secluded beaches that were only for us to enjoy. This is real luxury!

I managed to make two new pieces for the trip and the top you see here took me exactly a day from cutting the fabric in the morning to finishing it at around 10 PM. Of course I took breaks as well for cooking and eating and packing (since our flight was 3AM!), but it was such an enjoyable day, a true holiday doing only the stuff I love and really nothing else!

The pattern is HP 1196 Metropolitan Urban Gypsy Blouse from, my first ever pattern from them and it turned out to be a great experience! I discovered the pattern thanks to probably the most productive and inspiring sewing blogger, Erica Bunker, whose version is here!


Since I started contemplating making the top just a few days prior to the actual acceptance of the challenge, I purchased the download and print-at-home version of the pattern.

I cut size 10, but as you can see, it is really generous and what actually matters the most, is the shoulder circumference. The fabric is a piece of chambray that I got from Berlin last year, for like 6 euros!

Similarly to Erica, I had no issues with the pattern, it is actually very easy to sew up, but I suggest following the instructions carefully, as everything will turn out beautifully and there is no need for shortcuts, as eventually they will become obstacles when finishing the top. I almost tried to switch the sequence of hemming the sleeve ties and assembling the sleeves, but I quickly realized that sticking to the instructions is the easiest and shortest way.


The shorts that I am wearing are also made by me, several years ago back in Athens, actually, take a look here.dscn9967

I used bias tape bought during the same trip to Berlin to finish the seam allowances, but I didn´t have enough for the hem. I wish i would have realized it earlier, since I would prefer the hem to be finished with such a cool plaid tape instead of the plain white that I had to go with eventually. I also created tabs for the curved hems meeting point at the side seam in order to give it more strength.

While in Athens, it would have been unimaginable not to go to the numerous fabric shops, not much has changed since I wrote the post on this topic. I got a piece of white cotton batiste and 2 meters of nude tulle craziness – I really hope I can turn this into a dress combining it with sharp black. In addition, I got two pieces of fabric for cushions-to-be for our house.



Now, I realize this is a sewing blog, but I still cannot hold back the other big news and events that made this September so memorable. Firstly, as you might know already, I am a big fan of Ludovico Einaudi, and have been attending his concerts in Copenhagen and in Helsinki. Shortly after we returned from Helsinki, I discovered that he will be performing in Tallinn on my 33rd birthday! There was NO WAY to be absent from this, so in an instant we got new tickets for Tallinn too 🙂

I have no photos of the concert or before or after, although we had a great night with friends, I can only say that I was wearing the Black Swan Dress as I did for my first Ludovico concert.

The reason for no photos is actually so controversial – I was too excited and too emotional that night because my boyfriend had decided that he no longer wants to be my boyfriend and he asked me to marry him just a few short hours before the concert! But no photos of that night, would you believe?

So I will just share a few from Athens, the rest of the trip together with a new dress is coming soon in the next post!







10 responses to “Cold Shoulder Hot Pattern Top”

  1. firstly: congratulations on your engagement! and also happy belated birthday. 🙂
    your off-shoulder top looks great on you, the fit is perfect and the colour also compliments you well.
    and ohhhh, what a gorgeous nude tulle fabric! can’t wait to see what you’ll create out of that!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and kind wishes!

  2. Palju-palju õnne ka meie poolt siint Hollandist! Sinust saab imeilus pruut!
    P.S. Pluus ka väga kena! 🙂

    1. Suur aitäh heade sõnad eest! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your fabulous news!! Sounds like it was a very special evening. Your top is lovely, I love the details, ties on the arms and the flat front, it looks great on you.

    1. Lynsey, thank you for your kind comment!

  4. Congratulations on the big news! I just saw the interview on the BurdaStyle site and that was a nice read. I really like your top! I also bought this pattern in the summer, printed, taped it and there I stopped :). It is still in the planning but I guess for the next summer.

    1. Hi and thank you so much! The top is so easy to make (most of the work goes into the pattern preparation and you have done that already!) and is very rewarding, as I said, I finished mine in a day, just go for it and you will be prepared for the next season!

  5. Interesting site.what a wonderful design you have. Keep it up. I wish you can Erroll me in a class to learn sewing. I have interest but no where to begin.can you be of help.?

    1. Hey, Chikodi, thanks for commenting! I haven´t taken any sewing classes, so I cant recommend any, but you can learn a lot from internet and even Burda pattern magazines!

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