End of Summer Dress


I am posting this with great effort to avoid leaving two months between posts. Well, date-wise it is two months, but I have a few good excuses for this.

We are all busy and sometimes beyond busy but when it comes to buying a house and moving in while keeping up with the university (yes, even in summer…) and work duties at the same time, I think it is understandable why I haven´t been able to sew much! However, there is a project I managed to finish today, which had been a long time UFO (unfinished object).

foto 2

It is a summer dress that I started already last summer. Of course it shouldn´t be such a long project, but it is definitely not a quick make either, this is for sure.

The pattern is from Burda Easy Spring/Summer edition 2014. I don´t really think that this pattern should be called easy (at least for me it was the first try to sew this kind of elastic shirring), but I guess they refer to the fact that the pattern pieces do not need to be traced, since they are already on a pattern paper, ready to be cut out in the suitable size. My size was as always, 38.

I used a lightweight denim fabric for my version, and at first the thing that attracted me to this was that my boyfriend has a denim shirt in exactly the same fabric. By now the fabrics do not look the same anymore, because he has been wearing his shirt often while my dress just sat there unfinished!

I suspect there is a reason why the dress is not shown from behind in the magazine photos, as the back detail doesn´t fit very well. I made several attempts to make mine fit better, but in the end I just gave up and left it as is:

foto 3

As you can see, the back details are winging a bit. Now looking at this, one easy solution could be to overlap the details a little and simply change the position of the back button.I might actually try it..

Another detail that complicated my version of the dress is that I decided to line the whole thing, not just the back details. So in a sense it was like sewing two dresses. It makes the dress hang a little more stiff, because I used cotton fabric for the lining, and maybe also a tad warmer that an average summer dress should be, but the deep cut neckline should compensate for this. In fact, I seem to have only one bra that fits well under such a low-cut dress.


foto 5


But yes, the photos are taken at my first real home after my parents house as it is not a rental apartment anymore! This also means that among all the other works we need to do here, I will also get my own permanent sewing space for the first time!

I have been sewing on several kitchen tables, on a dining table and at the desk for all these years and my own sewing space that doesn´t need to be cleared up after when I am done for the day has been one of the main things I dreamed about when imagining my own home. I will have to share it with my boyfriends office space, but the table will be mine only!

It will take some time until I can share any details about the sewing space as there are a bunch of more urgent things we need to get started with before, but I am willing to wait!

Until soon!


14 responses to “End of Summer Dress”

  1. Väga armas kleit! Mulle meeldib see vooderdus ka. Seljaosa “ülelappimine” aitab kindlasti: kergem variant kui sissevõtuvoltidega mässamine ja pihikuosa istub ju valatult.
    Palju õnne uue kodu puhul (Haapsalus?)! Me ostsime kaks aastat tagasi maja, oli väga pingeline ja toimekas aeg. Aga oma on oma, oma õmblusnurgast rääkimata … Edu ja õnne teile

    1. Suur aitäh! Kodu on Haapsalus jah, võttis veidi aega, et see otsus põlise tartlasena langetada, aga nüüd kui otsustatud, on hea meel!

  2. Your dress is great, I love the polka fabric, the neckline and you’ve made the insides look fab. I’ve only done once with the washi dress, I should do it more as it always make the dress fit nice with no zip. I think moving the button would help too. Congratulations on your new home and getting your own sewing space, I need my children to move out before I get mine.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Lynsey!

  3. That lining is so cute, and wow, the shirring seems very professional! I guess you tried/thought about darts on the back.. ? Although it’s really hard to get it right when there is no other sewist around to help pinch the extra fabric 🙂 It’s a cute dress anyway!

    1. Thank you for thinking along! I am afraid that the darts would make it look too home-made.. I will try to fix it with moving the button further, but we´ll see!

  4. What a pretty dress! I’d have to agree though, it’s not an easy pattern. Something with just a few pieces and no details is easy, this is definitely not that. Too bad about the back. I had similar problems with the deer and doe Belladone dress back.

    1. Thank you, Joanne! I will try fixing it with moving the button, we´ll see!

  5. You always make the prettiest dresses. Enjoy your new sewing space!

    1. Thank you so much, Katherine, however this is a bold statement 🙂

  6. I love the lining with the lace, it’s so cute! I think your idea of overlapping the back pieces would work well, when I’ve made tops with a keyhole at the back I’ve had to do that as mine gaped too. I think it’s a tough one to get right as people’s backs van vary so much.

    1. I agree, Zoe! Thank you so much for commenting!

  7. Very pretty, love the shirring and back detail and the sleeves!

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