Blue Cross Dress

Hello all!

I once again did not manage to post anything in November, but it has been really tough to balance work, school and everything else that I want to and have to do lately.

Nevertheless, I was determined to continue the tradition of an annual party dress! The photos, however, were taken just today, as I didn´t manage to do it at the Christmas party in more festive surroundings.


The pattern is originally from Knipmode (I am not sure which issue), but I got my pattern from its German version called Fashion Style, from August 2015. I cut the size 38 for the bodice and gradually widened to size 40 for the skirt.

Knipmode dres tech

The dress is fully lined and due to the interesting back, was a bit of a challenge to complete and fit. I think the dress still is a bit wide for me when I look at the back cross detail, but I actually did not notice it before so now that I have been wearing it in public I think I am completely done with it and there is no way I would rip it open once again. Anyway, I guess anyone who has tried to take photos of their garments, knows that details otherwise not visible have the habit to appear in the photos.



Despite of that, the dress feels very comfortable to wear and although the fabric is just a cheap polyester, it is somewhat heavy-ish and falls nicely. I suspect that the back detail would also fit better if the fabric had more stability, like the cotton stretch that has been used in the magazine samples. In order to offer some stability for the back detail, I used fusible interfacing for the outer details of the back.

The seam allowances are finished with bias tape and I used French seams on the lining.


I really like the pattern, since it canbe combined with a jacket and then look totally suitable for office/work environment, if necessary.

The shoes are Dune Claudia, super comfy party shoes, I also have them in black patent/suede combination. I know that quite a lot of people find animal prints tacky, but I really loved this fun combination with blue suede and they are a nice accent for the one-color dress.


I am afraid new year will start as busy as the ending one, so I don´t know when I will be able to post something again, but I am still spending the scarce free time I have with my sewing machine.

I hope you have wonderful holidays and a Happy New Year!



15 responses to “Blue Cross Dress”

  1. Väga kena kleit! Tagumine/ülemine osa tundub olevat veidi pikk (mitte lai). Aga kuna oled pidevas liikumises ja kleit koos Sinuga, ei ole see häiriv. Ning tantsides ja istudes (käte asend) hoopiski mitte! Jakki ma ei mainigi…
    P.S. Mul on kahekordne Knipmode abonement, paljud ajakirjad otsivad uut kodu. Kui oled huvitatud, kiljata.
    Ilusaid jõule teie perele!

    1. Tere! Suur tänu asjatundliku kommentaari eest! Tegelikult protsessi käigus oli ka mul kahtlusi just pikkuse osas ja tundub, et kleit on kandes oma raskusega veidi ka ehk veninud, sest enne esimest kandmist oli asi minu arvates siiski parem.
      Oleksin muidugi Knipmodedest huvitatud, mis tingimustel need kodu otsivad?
      Kauneid jõulupühi!

  2. Happy new year. I really enjoy reading your blog. I hope see you soon with a new garment. Always are beautiful

    1. Thank you so much, Sandra! Happy holidays!

  3. Väga kena kleit! Jätsin juba (kuhugi kadunud) kommentaari seljaosa kohta, ei hakka enam kordama. Ainult seda, et mul on topelt abonement Knipmodele ja paljud ajakirjad otsivad uut kodu. Kui oled huvitatud, kiljata.
    Ilusaid jõule teile kõigile sinna Eestimaale!

    1. Tere! Jah, ma lihtsalt ei jõudnud kommentaari kinnitada, seepärast ka oli “kadunud”! Veelkord suur tänu! Nagu juba vastasin, oleksin Knipmodedest huvitatud, tahaks teada koduvahetuse tingimusi 🙂 Ilusat pühade jätku!

      1. Selge, ma pean kannatlikum olema. 🙂 Saatsin meili.

  4. Love the dress and adore the shoes – they make the outfit complete!

  5. Feliz año nuevo desde España. Me gusta mucho tu blog.Los zapatos son fantásticos!!

  6. Como se dice en mi tierra eres una artista!! los zapatos son fantásticos. Felíz año nuevo desde España.

    1. Muchas gracias, Didi! Feliz año nuevo!

  7. You look beautiful in your new outfit,as always your sewing is superb. Really enjoy your blog and look forward to future posts.

  8. Very nice dress, Your sewing are amazing.:) I will visit Your blog regularly.:)

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!

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