The Green Sweetheart Dress

Hey there! Just a few days ago I had a great opportunity to visit Padise, one of Estonia´s many manors and enjoy a concert in the ruins of a monastery nearby.

For that event I finally managed to finish a dress that I had started exactly a year ago! I don´t know how it happened or why did I stop, but really, it took me year to get my act together and finish the zipper side seam (the zipper was actually already set in!) and the hemline…. oh well. But I am very satisfied with the result, the only regret is not having finished it earlier!



The dress is  model 116 from BurdaStyle 4/2013, aka the Sweetheart Dress on

116_0413_B_large (1)116_technical_large (1)As you can see, I have omitted the small bow and the waistband. However, I am in search for a fuchsia pink belt to match with the shoes. I have always liked the contrasting combination of green and pink 🙂

I cut Burda size 38, but I might have left wider seam allowances for the hip area to ensure that I can make it fit. I cannot be really sure, because I started sewing the garment already a year ago….

I think what eventually made me stop halfway was the bodice and the shoulder seams, although it is ridiculous because the most difficult part was done by this time last year. Maybe I just ran out of energy for this project, but yes,  cannot say that the bodice is so easy to make, especially if you want the corners of the front and back shoulder straps to look sharp. In my case, it was also the rather thick, pique fabric (cotton mixed with some elastane for slight stretch) that I chose, a souvenir from my last years trip to Austria. It was rather tricky to get it fit right with all the facings and sharp corners.

With hindsight I think maybe the dress would be better if I had bothered with a lining instead of the facings that I had to bias tape one by one, adding quite some bulk like that.




I also planned to make it a bit longer at first, but while trying to determine the perfect length, suddenly the shorter look seemed more fun. I guess it supports the playful colour of the fabric.

Some details of the bodice and the texture of the fabric can be seen here:


 If anyone is wondering about the shoes, these bright pink silk shantung Ralph Lauren espadrilles are another souvenir from Austria last year. There are lots of shades still available on Very nice, but for narrower feet, just like mine.


As you can see in the photos, we finally have some real summer here in Estonia this year and I am so glad for it, I can finally wear my dresses and not only the raincoat! I hope all of you in the northern hemisphere are enjoying your summer as well!

2014-07-07 23.26.08

2014-07-08 09.04.45

2014-07-08 08.20.47


13 responses to “The Green Sweetheart Dress”

  1. This is a really lovely dress, especially for a warm summers evening at a concert. You look very pretty in the green colour and like you, I love green with bright pink. Those shoes are so cute.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  2. Gorgeous dress and love the brave pink shoes. Its quite cold today in Sydney, so appreciate the summery feeling of your outfit.

    1. Thank you very much, Gail!

  3. That’s a very cute dress, beautifully made!

  4. It’s a very nice dress. I’d never think this vivid green and pink would match. But they did!

    1. Thank you, Angel! I discovered this unexpected color combo some years ago and still love it!

  5. That dress complements the surroundings completely. Well done.

    1. Thank you so much, Britta!

  6. Super flattering dress on you and I LOOOOOVE the colour 🙂 I’ll have to keep that pattern on my radar, your incarnation sells it so much better than the one on the website!
    And the concert in the ruins of a monastery sounds like an amazing experience!

  7. Hi there, I really got inspired when finding tour blog. What a lovely dress, among a lot of other nice tvinga you havet lade. And with that perfect body, everything suits !

    1. Thank you so much, Camilla, for your kind words!

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