Fancy Pants (in Vienna)


It seems that this blog is slowly turning more into a travel blog rather than a sewing one, so I will start with the latest finished project, photographed in Vienna, and later write another short post on my holiday trip to Vienna and fabric shopping at the famous Komolka store.

So, the pants:



 Maybe some of you can already guess, the pattern is from BurdaStyle 3/2014, model 115, the Floral Skinny Jeans pattern on




I cut size 40 at the hips, although my regular Burda size is 38, because my actual hip circumference is just about 100 cm and the tight fitting pant would not allow me to get away with some playing around on the fit. Due to this I had to shave off a lot of fabric on the waistline, I think altogether maybe 5 cm.

Tight fitting pants with all kinds of prints are really popular now and I had been wanting to make a pair myself. It was actually a risk, since several of the ready-to-wear pants have been just awful on me, sometimes the print really underlines details of the figure that I´d rather hide.

I guess I was lucky this time, because the heavyish stretch cotton I got from Stockholm seems ok to me.



Some close-ups as well:



I used a special thicker thread for topstitching (like the typical orange/yellow you see on jeans) and lined the side of the machine foot up with the first stitched line so that the distance between the two rows would be equal over the whole course of the seam.

For the pockets, I decided to use the off-white shade of the four elastic lining fabrics I got last year from Poland. I did so because I figured that if I followed the instructions and used the main fabric, I would end up with a lot of bulk to stitch through. I think it was a good idea, it is also easier to slip the hand into the pocket due to this little detail.

I finished all the seam allowances with a very thin cotton-looking polyester bias tape and used my beloved Threads magazine front fly tutorial for the zipper.

The golden button is also from the trip Sweden:


I enjoyed sewing the pants as they came together easily and I am happy with the fit. It took me approximately two Saturdays to get them done, although I must admit that as I wanted to shoot them in a different enviornment (on my trip), I pushed myself slightly harder than usually.

As you can imagine, I didn´t leave Vienna without any new fabrics, more on that in the next post!


17 responses to “Fancy Pants (in Vienna)”

  1. What a great fit! I see all over the internet that this pattern is so good. Nice top stitching you`ve done here , really professional looking. Oh, and always nice to read about your trips. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Camelia for you nice comment! I agree on the pattern – it really is good!

  2. Great fit and love the pattern! 😀
    I’ve not tried any Garda patterns yet but enjoy looking at everyone else’s makes.

    1. Oops, the joys of predictive text, should say Burda patterns!

    2. In my experience BUrda patterns usually fit me very well, they are worth trying! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Perfect fitting. You did a great job!!

    1. Thank you so much! It is a great pattern!

  4. Your jeans turned out very professional looking! I love the fabric!

  5. Great fabric for jeans. The fit is good

    1. Thank you, Gail! I really love the fabric – thin enough for summer weather, but looks like jeans.

  6. Great jeans, – they really don’t look “homemade” at all, you’ve done a really good job and the fabric is perfect – I really must try something like this. i didn’t buy this Burda issue but have lots of other Burdas so there must be something similar.

    1. Thank you, this is a great compliment! This pattern is available on as well, so you can buy and download it!

  7. Great jeans – your topstitching is beautiful. What model of sewing machine do you use?

    1. Thank you so much! I have been asked about the sewing machine several times and it really is funny that it is actually a really cheap no-name brand from Lidl (if you know this supermarket chain). But as it turned out, the manufacturer also makes Toyota and some other, better known brands, so maybe this is the reason why my 90-euro machine sews through everything from lace to faux fur, for 4 years already 🙂

  8. The jeans looks great. What percentage of stretch does your denim have?

    1. Hey! I am sorry for not answering early and truth be told, I am not sure about the percentage. I dont have any scraps of fabric left either, but I would say it is not the most elastic denim you can find.
      Thanks for commenting so kindly!

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