Happy 2014!

It is about the last minute to wish a very happy 2014 to all of you!

I have seen some nice overviews of sewing projects of 2013 by other bloggers and since I enjoy reading them, I thought why not to sum up my own sewing year as well.

I am only including items that were completed in 2013, so no Out Of The Closet items here, although in the posts of 2013 you saw a few of those.

So, as I was going through the projects, I realized I am more into rose prints than I would have thought! Just look at this – a corset top and a matching skirt, another top and finally a dress:




And the rest of the dresses I made:





Just two tops (the rose print one you saw above) and one blouse made in 2013:



Two skirts (the rose print  is seen above) plus a pair of pants:



If I had to pick the most worn item I made, it would be the Wavy Top, but I also wore the Tribal Print Skirt and Princess Jasmine Pants quite a lot over the summer.

I still have some nearly finished items, that I spent a lot of time working on and for some reasons didn´t finish in 2013. Once they are done, I will post them as well.

This year I also made two dresses for friends and I still owe one to a third person, too!



And finally, there is one more dress that should be added to the 2013 count, because I finished it on New Year´s Eve! Unfortunately the light conditions are so poor in Estonia in winter, that although I tried my best, I couldn´t get good quality photos of the garment. This is why I am showing only a teaser of the dress here and once I get a chance to take better photos, will write a proper post as well.



8 responses to “Happy 2014!”

  1. You have made some beautiful stuff! I love the fabrics for all of them. Congrats and happy new year.

    1. Thank you so much! And Happy New Year!

  2. Head uut aastat! Ja edu kõiges (s.h. õmblemises :))!

    1. Suur tänu! Head uut aastat Sullegi, Ruta!

  3. Lovely to see the creations over a year!

  4. Hello, first post ever on a sewing blog, but I have to…. where can I get the pattern for the Princess Jasmin Pants please? They look so flattering on you… amazing! Secondly, what material did you use?
    Your clothes are wonderful, I love your style, thank you for blogging.

    1. Hey, the pattern is model No 10 in Patrones No 316. All I can say is that you could give it a try and maybe you can still find this issue on http://www.naaipatronen.nl/. Or alternatively, maybe some libraries have the magazine, they do have BUrda here in Estonia in the libraries and you can take them home for pattern tracing.
      Thank you for your nice comment and good luck with the pattern!

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