The Rosy Dress

This dress was actually finished the night before my trip to Austria, but I didn’t have the chance to take the photos earlier than today, either due to the lack of time or weather conditions – it started raining heavily the moment I thought of taking the photos and it happened a few days in a row!


The dress is Vogue 8849, view B.


As usual, it was the fabric that caught my attention. It is stretch cotton and I got it at the local fabric shop. If anyone is interested, it is also available online here. Anyone who would like to go the easy way and just buy a dress made of the same fabric, can do it here.


As the instructions demand, the bodice is boned at the front and side seams. I used Rigilene boning and sewed it to the seam allowances of the lining. The dress is fully lined.

The pattern itself is relatively easy to sew, but as almost always with the Big 4 patterns, I had to take in quite a lot in the bodice part, although I cut my regular size 12 according to the measurement chart.





The lace trimming is my own addition, just felt like the dress needed it!


I did face a big problem with the dress, though. My lining fabric has no elasticity while the main fabric is stretch. I ignored this obvious problem until I reached the point where I realized it will not get me far – the lining was so tight that it simply didn’t come over my hips while the dress itself fit well.

After some brainstorming I decided to add a triangular piece of black lace to the back center seam of the lining and although it is still really tight, I can wear the dress now. It is not the most orthodox solution, but I refused to rip the whole dress apart at that point and if I didn’t mention it here, no one would know anyway!





I am planning to wear the dress with my red heels, but since a lot of my shoes (especially summer shoes) are still in Athens, I had no choice but to take the photos with the blue ones.

When it comes to Athens, the news is that me and my fiancé finally broke up. The relationship did not endure the stress due to the current situation in Greece and the distance after I moved to Estonia.

It is not exactly good news, but I have given it a lot of thought and for a number of reasons I think maybe it was the best solution in the end.

I still have a bunch of good friends in Greece and hopefully I will visit Athens sooner or later again.

All the best to you all!


10 responses to “The Rosy Dress”

  1. This is stunning! It fits you perfectly and that fabric is gorgeous. I really like the surprise lace panel in the lining too – what a great solution to a problem! Beautifully done!

  2. Hi,
    the dress is really great, I love the neckline and I think the lining looks interesting so with the lace ( and a little sexy 🙂 ). Love the fabric too. I also have problems sometime with patterns that requires stretch linings,I tend to chose for no stretch, I did not make something so fitted till now, but your experience is something to remember in the future. Thank you for sharing.
    Best wishes and regards and a sunny day ( since here in The Netherlands is still a little autumn ).

    1. Thank you, Camelia for your nice comment!

      I am a bit indecisive about the lining topic, because choosing jersey for this also seemed not 100% right to me. But I take each project as a lesson to learn so this is something I still have to look into.

      The weather here has been to extremes lately – at the moment it is hot and I will probably go to the beach today, but we get bursts of heavy rain occasionally. Hard to decide what to wear in the morning!
      All the best and I hope the weather in Netherlands will get better asap!

  3. Great looking dress! The lace trim was a nice touch

  4. Gorgeous! I especially love the neatness of the inside, even with your lace insert to allow for some stretch. Sorry about your ex-fiance. I think this dress is perfect attire for a newly single girl.

    1. Thank you so much, Bridget! This is exactly how I see it as well!

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