In Process: The Stardust Coat

Today I finally got down to my hobby again and jumped right into deep water – I will try to make a coat.

The last days in Athens, among all the other errands I had to run, I was also frantically shopping for fabrics, because the variety and prices definitely beat Estonia. Although I hadn´t planned making a coat, when I saw the fabric, there was no way I wasn´t going to give it a try. See for yourself:

I just cannot get the colour right, but I would describe it as muted blue with silver thread in it. It really looks like covered with frost. The colour is something between the two photos. According to the salesman, it should be wool, right from Paris!

The pattern I have decided to try is from The  Burdastyle Sewing Handbook:

I opted for this to make sure I get detailed instructions. Unfortunately an unlucky coincidence has already undermined my project – firstly I suspect that more fabric is necessary than the pattern calls for and secondly, I was sold less fabric than I asked!

The pattern requires 1.80 m of 1.40 m wide fabric. My fabric is 1.50 and I asked for 1.90. Today, when placing the pattern pieces on the material to start cutting the coat, something seemed odd at once – I could not follow the cutting layout and even after rearranging several times, some pattern pieces were still left out since there was not enough space for them! When I measured the fabric, I realized I had been sold 1.70 m for the price of 1.90 m!

You can imagine my disappointment! If I was still in Athens, I would go and complain and get more material to accommodate the pattern, but in order to get more of the same fabric now, I would have to send a sample to Greece, have someone buy the extra fabric and send it back to me. So I decided to omit the pockets (and I had been debating, whether to keep them or not, since I am not really fond of side seam pockets) and see, if I can make the belt either from a contrasting fabric or patch it together from the leftover scraps. I also left very narrow seam allowances and the underside of the collar will have to be made of lining material.

There are some other ideas for saving the project and I am not really sure what to do. One idea is to make the belt (and the collar?) out of another material and pretend it was intentional. I was thinking faux leather maybe, but it is difficult to let go of the original image in my head on how the coat should look 😦

Since the fabric is warm but not wind-proof, I decided to add an interlining, which is a totally new technique to me and as I see, there is not a lot of information available on internet either. Interlining the bodice part should not be a problem, but the gathered sleeves and the pleated lower half of the coat are potential pitfalls.

This is how the front piece looks from the inside right now:

Both materials create a lot of dust and tiny particles are flying around my house, as if the trouble with the shortage of the fabric was not enough, but I am still keeping fingers crossed for a wearable result!

3 thoughts on “In Process: The Stardust Coat

  1. I’m very sorry for the misfortune about the fabric but i’m sure this obstacle will lead you to a great success, so don’t worry! The last time i faced the same problem (caused from the wrong instructions of burda pattern, i altered the pattern of the sleeves so that each one would be consisted of 2 smaller parts and not an entire big piece. But, i’m so novice in sewing so don’t trust my advice! On the contrary, you sew like a professional! You’re very very talented and i’m looking forward to see more of your creations!

    1. Thank so much for such a nice comment! I actually asked a friend back in Athens to go and try to find the fabric, and I was so lucky – she got the last 1.3 meters. Of course I will actually need much less, but now I will even have some extra in case something goes wrong again! Thank you once again, I am flattered, because I am also on trial and error, especially when it comes to fitting. And good luck with your own projects!

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