Drape Drape Drop-Waist Gather Drape Dress

Try reading the title out loud, it reminds me of some articulation drills for children 🙂

Nearly a month after my birthday, I finally sat down to make the first dress from the Drape Drape 1 book I was gifted for my birthday. The teal knit fabric for the project was also a present, so there was a very positive vibe to the whole process.

The pattern is No.3 in the book, Drop-Waist Gather Drape Dress.

I had seen a few versions in the internet and all of them looked nice and flattering, so I was hoping mine would be a success as well.

The reason why I was kind of late to start with the dress is that the peculiar pattern design was a bit scary at first. Of course, when I finally decided to face it, I realized that it could be one of the easiest patterns I have worked with.

As it consists of only one pattern piece, the fabric is cut on fold, there is just a little gathering and stitching to do plus if you use knits you can skip the zipper, I would recommend it even to absolute beginners. The seam allowances are also marked on the pattern and within a few hours´work, anyone could make this cute little dress.

According to the size chart, I am size XL (makes me NOT want to go to Japan), but it is quite loose-fitting, maybe a size smaller would have been better. And a tad longer, because right now I only see myself wearing it with super thick tights, more like a tunic.

I don´t know about others who have tried it, but mine is shorter in front than in the back. At first I wanted to rip the basting out and correct the hemline, but then I looked at the pattern and it seems to me that this is how it is supposed to be. Also, because the dress is generally quite short, I thought it wouldn´t look nice even shorter in the back.

Nevertheless, I am positively surprised and happy with the dress and I believe you will see a bit longer version of it in a different fabric pretty soon.

The weather in Athens is by no means suitable for tights and knit dresses yet, making the photo shoot a tough task. This is also why I am squinting or looking on the ground in most of the photos, the sun was too intense 🙂

I thought that the Tamaris Blistar ankle boots I have would be a perfect match to the dress, but now I see that the fabric is more towards blue than green. I think the blue shoes match even better. They are Calvin Klein Kalina, I only found a photo of the black version though. I am crazy about blue shoes, especially blue suede shoes!

photo from amazon.co.uk
photo from sarenza.co.uk

6 thoughts on “Drape Drape Drop-Waist Gather Drape Dress

    1. Thank you! Actually it is one of the easiest things I have made, I think this pattern is very rewarding – nice result with very little effort.

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