What Are You Doing Tonight?

I am drooling over my early birthday present from my fiance’ s brother, D. We were shopping for the christening we have all been invited for tomorrow and as he wanted to take a look around the bookstore to get a break from all the baby stuff, I also wandered around between the shelves.

I never expected to find this book from a bookstore in Athens, but there it was:

Drape Drape by Hisako Sato

As my birthday is next week and D. usually gets me a present and as we usually choose it together, I made it a lot easier for both of us this time and the book was mine!

As it seems, I might get into a lot of trouble, showing any photos of the content of the book here, so anyone who wants to take a peek into the book, can do it here. Unfortunately the two designs that I like the most, are not featured on Amazon Look Inside, so you must be patient and wait until I finally make them up.

Not all the designs are things I would wear, but the way the patterns are designed is very interesting and I am waiting forward to give them a try!

But besides the drooling, I have made great progress with the Burda colourblock dress I mentioned in my previous post.

The other day I went downtown and to my great surprise, the local shops had all stocked up on loads of doubleknit jersey  in a variety of colours, so I managed to find the exact matching weight of fabric in right colours to use with the lime-green-yellow piece I got from Estonia.

And by tonight, the pattern has been traced and all the pieces cut! If you are wandering about the heat in my kitchen, then yes, it is quite warm in there, but with the weather showing some faint signs of (Greek) autumn and me probably being more or less acclimated now, I am able to work there. And I guess I have a fair amount of will power mixed with stubbornness in me 🙂


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  1. […] a month after my birthday, I finally sat down to make the first dress from the Drape Drape 1 book I was gifted for my birthday. The teal knit fabric for the project was also a present, so there was a very positive vibe to the […]

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