Holidays And Some Missing Buttons

Hello from Athens!

I hope the contents of this blog will soon match its title – all the photos and the majority of the garments so far have been made in Estonia during my three-month long holiday. Now I am back in Athens, but I don’t know when I will be able to show something I actually made these days, as I am usually sewing in the kitchen and there is no air condition. Which means I cannot sew anything right now. Or at least not anything that needs concentration and precision. Maybe I should use the time to make some bed sheets?

As I got back to Greece, we decided with my fiance that the best we can do with the last week of August is to go on holidays (don’t hate me!).

So I thought, haha, great, I will take the sundress I made from the fabric I got from Copenhagen with me, and illustrate the blog with some photos taken with some amazing Greek landscape in the background. The dress only missed a few buttons I didn’t have the time to sew on in Estonia and that I DEFINITELY had packed with me. But as I wanted to quickly sew them on before leaving for holidays, I couldn´t find them anywhere. And as it comes out they have vanished from the face of Earth because my mother cannot find them anywhere in Estonia, either.

So the poor dress stayed at home and I hope my mom will still find the buttons from the shop in Tartu. She suggested cutting the buttons I already attached, off and getting some others from Athens, but I guess I am too stubborn, so I’d rather wait. Anyway, the chance of taking the photos during the trip has passed.

We visited the southern part of Peloponnese peninsula, Monemvasia, Elafonissos, region of Mani and the southernmost point of mainland Greece, Cape Tainaron or Cape Matapas. I often get the feeling of suffocation in Athens because of the crazy traffic, crowds and lack of greenery but outside Athens, Greece is a magnificently beautiful country. The few photos here cannot pass on the real beauty of nature and I am trying to keep it a sewing blog after all, but I hope this little detour will be forgiven.

Somewhere in Mani area

Just to remind you that this is not a travel blog after all, I am going to show you some of the fabrics I managed to take with me from Estonia. Unfortunately I had to leave some goodies behind, because even after I had paid for extra luggage weight, it was still too heavy.

In the first photo, the really shiny piece of fabric is stretch jersey that I am planning to use for some details on a black party dress. The plissé fabric is waiting to be turned into a long, maybe strapless, dress. The brown-grey-black fabric is a thin polyester jersey, I can see it as a top for winter, that would match any colour of trousers.

In the middle, the white fabric with butterfly and flower print is a stretchy cotton-polyester mix and next to it, blackish blue stretch denim.

The last photo shows some heavier stretch jerseys, that I am thinking to use for Burda February 2012 model 117B.

Unfortunately the beige fabric is slightly heavier than the other two (I am planning to use three colours, not four) and now I am not really sure, whether I should try to find something thicker to replace the black and lime or something thinner to replace the beige. I am afraid mixing different weights of fabric will not end up well on that dress.

An last but not least, a glimpse of the poor sundress that stayed home for holidays:


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